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12. marca 2017

546 riders from four countries took part in the race under excellent conditions, main victories to Italy this time.

It was the nicest day of the year so far, zero clouds, zero wind. 15 degrees that felt like 20. At 10 in the morning no less than 546 riders (490 last year) from Austria, Croatia, Italy and Slovenia took off from town of Miren and climbed to the Kras (Karst) plateau.

After 20km of the fifth edition of Kras Kros with 850 elevation meters of climbing and two years of domination of Slovenian Calcit Bike Team it were to Italian riders to cross the finish line in first and second. Diego Cargnelutti (Wilier) from Gemona finished just a couple of bike lengths in front of Andrea Bravin (UC Caprivesi). A minute later the 2015 winner Boštjan Hribovšek (Calcit) came in in third just in front of Matej Lovše (Tuš team) in fourth, both from Slovenia.

Leading four: Hribovšek, Lovše and Italians

Bravin in front of actual winner Cargneluttij on the final descent to Miren

Italian victory in women’s race as well: Nicol Guidolin (ASD Gruppo Vulkan MTB) won in front of Slovenians Natalija Anderluh ( and Maja Zavrl (Pohorc

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At these numbers things were getting a bit crowded on the trails so an advanced system for starting positions would be welcome. Otherwise hats off to the organizing crew of and DEŠ Fleš for putting on the biggest competitive event of the season in Slovenia.

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