15. septembra 2016

Cerkno and Pohorje once, Javornik twice, Ravne na Koroškem, Bambino at Krvavec, TRNDuro above Rijeka, Trans Dinara, Jovana and one secret location.
Eight hours of downhill in less than three minutes. Cerkno put on an endurance race during their BOS festival.

Nikola Klačinski in this new video by Tank production. Where did they shoot?

Miha Tratnik Bajc, Peter Svetličič jump into the Javornik park.

Ravne na Koroškem, last stop before the Youth XC Cup finals.

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Mark on Bambino in Krvavec park.

Checking the shape of Maribor Pohorje World Cup track.

Riky and Steph on vacation. This time in Javornik park.

Trans Dinara. Marko and Nikola squeezed three days of racing into this 5:30 video.

TRNDuro is still echoing. A great race above the port city of Rijeka, Croatia.

This is how Jovana Crnogorac was getting ready for Rio Olympics.

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