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28. julija 2016

Jernej’s high mountain ride, Andraž’s Megavalanche, two downhillers, one Petzen Flow Trail, one from Porezen and one from Zelenica.
Jernej went for a long big mountain ride just across the border in Italy, starting from Sella Nevea and coming back.

Megavalanche 2016 as seen by Andraž Tekavčič who rode in A final.

Meet downhiller Jan Cimperman (MTB Trbowle) in this video by Alpha Films.

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Andraž Rijavec gets his downhill video too. Shot by Jan Reščič.

Simon contributes his to the collection of POV videos from Petzen Flow Trail.

A rough one from Porezen.

Technical descent from Zelenica.

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