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24. novembra 2016

Gašper in Nik’s park, ShajbaCo in Rog sk8park, MTB sets Idrija on fire, Jan builds new bike, MTB Trbowle from Kum, new trail in Austria and CX Škofja Loka.
Gašper Dolinar rides Nik Rijavec’s park into eternity.

ROG skatepark by ShajbaCo. Festivus Jam Session is taking place here in December 10th.

Jan Porič built this nice new Mondraker.

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Miha Tratnik Bajc and Peter Svetličič – “on fire”!

MTB Trbowle ride from Kuma all the way to Hrastnik. Seba carrying the camera and two Jans follow.

Carynthia, Austria. New trails are being bulit at Kloppeiner See.

Before this Saturday’s National Cyclocross Championships in Novo mesto check out this video from last series round in Škofja Loka.

Freestyle zaposluje
Wheelbase Maxxis Freestyle Giant Ciklo Centar SloEnduro
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