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9. marca 2017

Bike Bro: When’s the new one coming? Slovenian stunts in RW commercial, 2Wheels Life, spring on Greda DH, winter on Sljeme, MTB Cerkno’s weekend 2×7, Pici Bici Collective continued.
Bike Bro’s depressing wait for the new bike.

Slovenian doubles in this Robbie Williams commercial: Bine Žalohar, Uroš Podbevšek (on skis) and Marko Jager (snowmobil). Bine and Marko are also avid mountain bikers.

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2Wheels Life, episode 1. How to true a wheel, huh?

Spring is out on Greda DH in Dalmatia. Nikola Klačinski riding in front.

One winter day on Sljeme above Zagreb, Croatia.

Pici Bici introducing another family member: Matic.

MTB Cerkno Weekend ride number fourteen.

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4endurance sis 1
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