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25. maja 2017

Aljaž, Anže, Aleš, Andro, Weirdo, Matej, Petzen Thriller, 2x enduro VG, BikeBro, Supersnurf, Primach Team and Istrianissima.
Anže rides Bohinj – Podbrdo trail.

Wierdo Media Creations on a short ride with his four-legged friend.

Aljaž from Nanos on a forgotten trail.

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Slovenian filmmaker Andro Kajzer made this Val di Sole promotional video.

Petzen Thriller. That is the new trail next to the now legendary FlowCountry trail. Been tested.

Matej Lavka is the rider of the Apocalypse!” claims Kristijan Vreček. He is riding an old black horse too.

360-degree view by Aleš Virtič in the Semmering park.

BikeBro‘s active Sunday on the coast.

Snurf held their club ride number 5 this year on Vrečkolandija trails.

Enduro VG by MTB Lisca. Video by Sergij Teraž.

Another one from Enduro VG. By Pank kura.

Ukrainian Primach Team in Kranjska Gora before the iXS Euro Cup.

Cycling romantic with the official video from this year’s Istrianissima.

Ciklo Centar Wheelbase Maxxis Freestyle Giant SloEnduro
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