20. marca 2016

European Singlespeed Championships from Friday May 20th to Sunday May 22nd. All the action on and off the bike.

Singlespeeders can surprise since making friends, having fun and exploring the world usually comes first. The organizers od 2016 Singlespeed European Championships in Kobarid, Slovenia, trusted us with their detailed plan for the championships weekend.

Friday May 2th – Welcome singlespeeders

Registration all day starting at 9 am.

Reconnaissance rides start at 10 am.

From 11 am to 1 pm the “Beer & Cheese Tour” takes place. It’s a short, not demanding ride from event location in camp Rut to Museum of 1st World War, then to Museum of cheese making with cheese sampling. The tour concludes by visiting the local craft brewery.

At 7 pm it’s time for the welcome speech and championships introduction. Chief Dani says it will be a short one so there is more time for the unofficial stuff. Like dinner and party.

Saturday May 21st – D-day

Saturday morning starts with coffee at 8 am. That is how Slovenian chicks got popular in Northern Ireland – by making coffee for the participants in a large pot.

At 10 am the group ride sometimes also referred to as the race! The course remains a secret. It will look like a multiple lap endurance race so the riders with less endurance on given day can finish early.

At 1 pm it’s lunch time, followed by games. On and off bikes. These will decide who takes over the championships for the next year.

Dinner is planned for 6 pm, followed by award ceremonies and the party. Surprises heading your way!

Sunday May 22nd – Goodbye

More coffee to get the crowd up. Then last group rides and farewell to the next championships in…?

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Event info and registration: www.ssec.si

Photos by Uršula Kordiš and Grega Stopar

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