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15. januarja 2016

125 days from this unique mountain bike event in Slovenia, the Single Speed European Championships in Kobarid.

The organization crew is working hard these days. The single speeders are shifting one gear up. They say there are two gears in single speed riding: sitting down and standing up. They are definitely pedaling standing up now.

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Friday to Sunday! May 20th to 22nd! In Kobarid in Western Slovenia, camping Rut just out of town to be exact. With a variety of bike rides and other activities. With two green rivers, Soča and Nadiža, close by, and with rich history. Plus the whitewater sports.


It starts on Friday with registration and rides for anyone’s taste. But everyone should be back in camp at 6 pm for the traditional host’s speech. Then the dinner and… a bit of a party.

Saturday starts with 8 am coffee. The race starts at 10 and the luch is on at 1 pm. Followed by games to determine next year’s host. The evening is reserved for dinner, award presentation ceremony and another party.

On Sunday more morning coffee for the tired participants, followed by the farewell rides of the 10th European Single Speed Championships.


There will be all kinds of rides to get the participants familiar with Kobarid and its surroundings. For the serious and the less serious riders.

Join the facebook event by Singlespeed Slovenija. From last September the website has been live, it also includes registration!

Top photo by Tic Kobarid, other photos by Uršula Kordiš and Urša Drofenik

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