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9. januarja 2016

MTB and friends third time around. Some action from the past year, ranking from XC to DH. Idija style.
Young man who goes by the name of MTB (Miha Tratnik Bajc) and his friends from Idrija are back with third installment of No Brakes No Mistakes series. This time we’ll see all kinds of wild riding from the past year, from XC to DH. From training camps on the coast to roaming the woods during the summer and autumn shredding on the leaves.

Camera: Miha Tratnik Bajc, Peter Svetličič, Matic Carl, Rok Lazar, Anže Skok

Editing: Miha Tratnik Bajc

Riding: Peter Svetličič, Matic Carl, Aljaž Tratnik, Miha Tratnik Bajc

Music: Kuzle – Smej se, 1982; Edvard Grieg – Morning Mood; Screamer – Adrenaline Distractions

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Freestyle gradimo skupaj
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