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4. marca 2016

Late decisions regarding Bike park Pohorje. Most probably Flow Line only this year and it is too late to join GraVity Card.

Last night Maribor City Council met for the presentation of Bike park Pohorje study. Finally they decided to continue with the public-private partnership following the model of last year’s late season lease.

They also agreed that new tender for park lease should be out soon.

The interested parties wished for a tender in December or at least in January to have a chance to obtain permits for additional trails and to join the GraVity Card. This year the GraVity Card will be offering riding in 14 Central European parks without Pohorje.

Joining the GraVity Card is out of the question now and it will also be very hard to get new permits so in 2016 it is most likely that only the Flow Line will be open for park guests just lake last autumn when the trail use was leased to former downhill racer and World Cup course chief Iztok Tomšič.

Councellor Andrej Trobentar, a mountain biker and park user, is not optimistic about the future of the park: “In the meantime they will be producing more studies/analysis/scenarios to solve activities on Pohorje mountain as a whole, in winter and summer seasons. Two project teams were formed so far and then faded, a million meeting were held and outside propositions were ignored… I doubt that something will be done in near future but I hope I am wrong this time.”

“It is too late and if the park only has one trail this year we will not make it into GraVity Card in 2017 either,” says Tomšič who will run for the lease again this year. “It’s all just scraping along without the GraVity Card, we wish for more. Too bad since Maribor needs this park more than I do.”

Update: Call for bids was issued on March 11th on maribor.si 

Pumpaj Slovenija Vrhnika
Ciklo Centar Wheelbase Ride Loose Riders Freestyle Giant
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