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7. aprila 2016

Natančen datum otvoritve parka pri Črnem Vrhu nad Idrijo še ni znan. Cene kot lani, prenova bo doletela progi Kamplc in Grizli.

Out trip through Slovenian bike parks before the 2016 season continues with Mountainbikepark Javornik in Lome close to Črni Vrh nad Idrijo in Western Slovenia.


The guys from Kamplc crew from Ajdovščina who are running the park in this small ski resort have not set the opening date yet. It depends on how fast they can finish the work on the trails in given weather conditions. But they should open in April.

The park will keep their usual running days and times: every weekend and holidays from 10 am to 5 pm.


The prices remain same as last year.

Daily pass – 19 €
Morning pass (from 10 am to 1 pm) – 16 €
Afternoon pass (from 1 to 5 pm) – 16 €
Single ride – 5 €
2-day pass – 32 €
Season pass – 190 €

The decision is final now regarding the Slovenia Bike Summer Pass: Javornik is not included in the pass. It is just not viable for them because of weekend operation, they say.

Equipment rental

They have bikes, helmets and protection for hire. You will pay 40 euro per day to rent a bike, 30 for half a day. They will service other bikes in their shop as well.


They already rebuilt some trails in the bottom of the park. This year the Kamplc flow line will undergo major reconstruction as well as the rocky Grizli upper part to make it more friendly for more riders.

Events and camps

After hosting enduro races every year and occasionally a downhill race – they also held the 2015 National DH Championships – they decided not to host any race in Javornik in 2016. “We will be able to invest more energy into our trails,” says Nejc Bole.

They will host minor events like test days.

Follow mtb.si and these sources for opening date:

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In cover photo it’s Cube Action Team visiting last year. Photos by Nejc Bole and Mountainbikepark Javornik.

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