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9. avgusta 2017

Now this is news: Slovenian-Austrian cross-border enduro race known as Black Hole Enduro inside next year’s EWS calendar.
Today the Enduro World Series (EWS) published their 2018 calendar. For the first time Austria and Slovenia will be hosting a round and they will be doing it together: on June 30th and July 1st round four of EWS 2018 will be held on Petzen, Kaernten, Austria, and Jamnica, Koroška, Slovenia.

This is how EWS described the event in today’s press release:
Round four is not only a new venue, but for the first time will feature two countries in the same race – Slovenia and Austria. This cross border race starts in Jamnica in Slovenia, where racers will take on beautiful hand cut singletrack before day two heads to Petzen in Austria. Here riders will experience some of the longest stages in EWS history – and even some underground liaisons – in what surely will be one of the most diverse races to date.

In its sixth season the EWS will be uniting eight events on three continents. The cross-border event, known from previous five editions under the name of Black Hole Enduro, is one of four new events in the series. This year the race was part of the EWS Qualifier series.

From the Black Hole

“We are proud our bid was a success,” says Black Hole Enduro and Black Hole Festival co-organizer Anej Štrucl. “Our team worked hard for this and we proved we have the potential to host high profile events. The event will be based at Petzen but the Slovenian part of the organization will be at least equal to the Austrian side.”

Because of the earlier date the festival will also be held in late June / early July.

From Whistler, venue of this year’s rd. 7

Chris Ball, Enduro World Series Managing Director, said: “We’re really proud to announce our sixth season welcoming some new exciting venues with some absolute classics too. We have developed some great and long-standing partnerships now with these organizing groups and it’s exciting to see the sport grow and grow. We feel the balance of drama, travel, excitement and adventure with logistical ease and spectator friendliness is our best yet for 2018.”

EWS 2018 Calendar

March 24/25 – Lo Barnechea, Chile
March 31/April 1 – Manizales, Colombia
May 12/13 – Olargues – Montagnes du Caroux, France
June 30/July 1 – Petzen-Jamnica, Austria/Slovenia
July 21/22 – La Thuile, Italy
August 12 – Whistler, Canada
September 22/23 – Ainsa-Sobabre, Spain
September 29/30 – Finale Ligure, Italy

Don’t believe it? 😀 See here www.enduroworldseries.com

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