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13. februarja 2017

Leo, Jonas, 5 months in a van, pilgrimage across dirt trails all over the continent and 20 weekly reports. Crowd funding is on.

You could say that Leo is going on a bike holiday for five months and is looking for sponsors, but it’s not that simple. Leo Gamboc, who just turned 27 today, hails from Umag, Croatia, and has been living the dirt jumper lifestyle for a decade now. We have covered his 2015 project Connected extensively and he’s been doing lots of other things like contributing for or PlusSizeBMX, the world’s largest 26″ freestyle website.

His 2017 project is called “Dirt Jumping Europe Tour”. Leo is hitting the road with 18 year old German video maker Jonas Drechsler. They will be doing the van life thing from May to September, visiting dirt jumping spots all over Europe, and publishing 20 weekly reports on PSBMX.

They are trying to fund the van, fuel, food and general basic survival via a crowd funding campaign on Indiegogo, starting today.

There is a number of different perks up for grabs and you’ll find your if you wish to support the guys. We’ll be following them here on, it is sure not going to be boring. campaign here

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