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6. junija 2017

From past weekend the gondola will take you to C station but the fun begins from B station. Plans for new trail from the top.

Kanin mountain on the Slovenian-Italian border had its down time after the gondola stopped in 2013 but skiers returned last winter. Now they want mountain bikers back as well.

Kanin has been running sort of a bike park with one main trail since 2003 but it was not in best shape even before 2013. One could say they’ve just been selling tickets to mountain bikers.

They started their summer season on Saturday June 3rd and started taking bikes all the way to C station at 1619m above sea level. But the descent from there is nothing special, it’s a gravel maintenance road but lower down, just above the B station (970m above sea) the fun starts on the old bike park trail. The rocky trail with some wooden features has been fixed, it’s not super easy but it can be lots of fun with the right bike, protection and some skills.

Sedlo – Krnica – Bovec

But the new trail they’ve been planning could be a real treat. It will start at the top of the ski slope, at Sedlo (Saddle), almost 2300m above sea and go through Krnica, a well known area to backcountry skiers. The town of Bovec lies over 1800m lower. There is still snow there but they could start the work on the trail soon and they are already trying to get the permits.

It will not be easy to put the flow into the trail but it could be quite an attraction. It would open new options and even a connection with Italy. Imagine an all-day high altitude ride to both sides!

No idea what the mountain looks like? It’s where Kenda Tyres have been shooting in 2014 with McGazza, Tschugg, Porter and Simai. Photos here and video here (before had English site).

Jan Cestnik riding on Kanin back in the day, photo by Samo Vidic


Until the end of the month the gondola will only run on weekends. The main season starts on July 1st and goes on until September 15th, the gondola will run daily during that time.

Then it’s back to weekends from September 16th to October 15th.

It always runs from 7am to 5pm.

Ticket prices

One way to B station – 10€ (children, high school, students 8€)
Daily pass to B station – 20€ (16€)

Then when the Sedlo-Krnica trail opens:
One way to Sedlo – 17€
Daily pass to Sedlo – 34€ (28€)

Top photo: Črt Bill Slivnik rides Kanin back in 2003, below find trail map from 2003 which is up to date again

Valamar SI 2021
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