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4. januarja 2017

Six events, kick-off at tradicional final venue, 3 Camini moves, Austria enters big league and Kamplc returns – on new location.

SloEnduro, the regional enduro race series based in Slovenia, has not been taking it easy after the successful fourth season. Now here’s the 2017 series calendar. Six events and for the first time four countries – besides Slovenia, Croatia and Italy now Austria enters the series.

SloEnduro 2017

April 8th/9th – Enduro Grozni, Grožnjan (Cro)

April 30th – Enduro 3 Camini, Bazovica/Basovizza (Ita)

May 27th/28th – Enduro Cerkno, Cerkno (Slo)

July 28th/29th – Black Hole Enduro, Jamnica (Slo)

September 23rd/24th – Enduro Gradec, Gradec (Aut)

October 8th – Kamplc Enduro, Ajdovščina (Slo)

Right, after three years Enduro Grozni is not hosting the final, this time it’s the opening race. Enduro 3 Camini moves from San Dorlingo della Valle to Basovizza. As we already reported, Enduro Cerkno, SloEenduro events of the year in 2015 and 2016, will also be an Enduro World Series Qualifier eventBlack Hole enduro will be another festival classic. Enduro Gradec had a try in 4Fun series last year, now it enters the “big league”. Kamplc enduro returns to host the final round, but the location is new, Kamplc team local trails in Ajdovščina.

These are the facts, more in this announcement

Top photo by Nejc Bole

Ciklo Centar Wheelbase Ride Loose Riders Freestyle Giant
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