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26. marca 2016

24th season of Slovenia DH CUp starts on April 16th and 17th on Lošinj island in Croatia. We should more know soon.

Ladies and gentlemen, this is a motivational post for all who are waiting for the downhill race dates.

There will be a 2016 Slovenia Downhill Cup. We have never waitied so long for the calendar since the first season back in 1993. Even with more bike parks than ever it is not easy to motivate organizers for putting on a demanding event like a downhill race up to Slovenia Cup standards.

But there will races, says Cycling Federation of Slovenia MTB Commission member Miha Jakopič who recently took over the downhill coordination duties from Iztok Kvas.

Slovenia DH Cup starts on April 16th and 17th over the border on Croatian island of Lošinj at the international UCI C1 race.

We might know more about the following races already next week.

Photo by Klemen Humar

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4endurance sis 2
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