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27. oktobra 2016

Ou mechanic Tine fooled around with this mini multitool, manufactured by our Italian neighbour. It stores into… Keep reading!

Our technical expert Tine took on this mini multitool which finds its storage in inside one of bike’s components. It is manufactured in Italy, not far from Slovenian border, so we are one of the first international media to test it.

Multitools have been around for a long time. Small ones are practical, don’t take up much room but there is not much more they can do besides changing seat height or quickly setting up the cockpit.

Bigger ones can do much more but they are a drag to carry around since they weigh almost as much as a 0.33 can of beer. That is why so far it has been the only reasonable choice to carry a can of beer in the pack and leave the tool responsibilities to a riding buddy.

well thought out logo and a choice of colours

All in one

If you are not a fan of riding with a backpack and you tend to carry everything in pockets, then you will be pleased when you learn about the All In Multitool. This new device can be stored inside your bottom bracket. It fits almost all hollow axle cranks like the Shimano Hollowtech II, Race Face Cinch, Sram… It is available with the cap in a number of anodized colours so you will be able to match it with your bike.

What’s under the cap?


The tool is produced with CNC, included you will find quality bits which hide inside the tool’s body.

Included are 3 to 6 allen wrenches, a phillips and a torx T25 wrench, which are the most commonly used tools on most mountain bikes. There are two more slots in the body reserved for chain links. The bits and links are kept in place with a magnet inside the body.

It’s a bit tight inside this Race Face crank, but you won’t have any issues fitting it into a Sram or Shimano crank


The weight is the first weakness. The body and cap are made out of steel and aluminium. The tool could be lighter by a third using plastic or other composites. On the other hand the tool could be used against a bear. Hit the beast in the skull and it’s out for a while. The weight of All In Multitool (without the bits) is 82 grams.

The other weakness is lack of 2 and 2.5mm allen wrenches. These are commonly used for fine tuning of the brakes. But you can always insert your own bits.

Third weakness is a very strong magnet on the cap. It was really hard to remove the tool from the Race Face Turbine crank. It is easy on Shimano and Sram cranks because of the shape of the crank but a different shape of the cap would solve this issue on RF as well.

The things we can hide inside the crank, huh!?

Tine adds:

“So this is all I had to say on this brilliant little tool. Personally I miss a beer bottle opener!”

The tool is for sale in Italy for 65€.

Photos by Tine Činč

All In Multitool on facebook


4endurance sis 2
Wheelbase Maxxis Freestyle Giant Unior DH Cup SloEnduro
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